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Subtronics x Sweets - V2

Sale price$65.00

Subtronics x Sweets
We are back with the V2 and it is more wild than ever. 
This Antifractals inspired kendama takes amazing design and combines it with awesome playability. As Jesse has gotten deeper in his dama love there were a number of features he wanted to include to take tracking to the next level; like dark rings on the ken and a high contrast tama.

From opening the brand new sealed box to playing the kendama itself, this Signature Mod is an experience. 




  • Amped Shape
  • Maple
  • Balance Bevel in base cup (red ring & Cyclops Recordings around balance bevel)


  • Black ring on spike tip
  • Black ring above ring Stall
  • Engraved grip on spike
  • Glyphs around big & small cups
  • Black ring and grip on sarado
  • Engravings in both cups
  • Subtronics Seal


  • 62mm
  • Beech
  • Sticky Clear 


  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • Replacement String
  • Signature Stickers
  • Exclusive sealed packaging